Acrobats & Silk Dancers (H/F)


Beschrijving: The POD Generation is a romantic sci-fi movie, directed by Sophie Barthes (known for Cold Souls and Madame Bovary). It's a coproduction between QUAD productions and SCOPE Pictures. The main characters are played by international stars: Game of Thrones star Emilia Clark and Oscar nominated actor Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Synopsis: Set in a near future where AI is all the rage and nature is becoming a distant memory, the story revolves around Rachel and Alvy, a New York couple who are ready to take their relationship to the next level and start a family. Rachel’s work gives them a chance to use a new tool developed by a tech giant, Pegasus, which offers couples the opportunity to share pregnancy on a more equal footing via detachable artificial wombs, or pods. Alvy, a botanist and devoted purist, has doubts, but his love for Rachel prompts him to take a leap of faith. And so begins the wild ride to parenthood in this brave new world.


Profiel 1: For a scene in the film, we are looking for 3 acrobats and 3 silk dancers. The scene takes place in a public space in Manhattan and there are a lot of people there. In this place there are also some artists who do their performances. Practical info: the height of the place where we film (Gare Maritime site) is 30 meters.


Datum opname: Monday 11th of April 2022

Tijdstip opname: You must be available the entire day. Estimated time: +/- 07h00 - 19h00

Locatie opname: 1000 Brussels (Gare Maritime)

Vergoeding: 250 euros/person, this amount includes travel expenses. Artistic service or invoicing (invoicing: amount excluding VAT) - to be agreed.

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