DANISH native speakers (m, 20-45y)


Beschrijving: Voices of Liberation is a documentary series (11 parts) about the liberation of Western Europe at the end of WW2.

Synopsis: Letters from soldiers, generals and civilians of the time are filmed. There are about 300 letters in total. Each one is read in the language of the writer by people between 20 and 45 years of age, in a neutral way.


Profiel 1: We are looking for Danish native speakers, men (no women!) between 20 and 45 years old. Each person is being filmed reading one or more letters in their mother tongue. It is important you are able to read with confidence.  

Restricties ivm look: We are looking for neutral readers, who do NOT add drama or emotion to the letter. This neutrality creates a kind of intimacy between letter and reader.


Datum opname: There will be 3 days of filming for this project, but all participants will only have to take part in half a day. The filming days are planned for Monday 17, Tuesday 18 and Wednesday 19 May 2021 (concrete planning to follow after application).

Tijdstip opname: There are 3 hours per speaker, so short recording.

Locatie opname: To be confirmed, but will probably be region Flanders, Brussels or Limburg.

Vergoeding: There is a budget of 120 euro/person including transport costs.

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