To register with XtraZ is free. We work throughout the year for film and tv productions, corporate films, commercials and photo assignments. With XtraZ you get quite a lot of opportunities. Whether you are an actor, model, featured extra or extra.

Calls can be found on this site under ‘Wanted’ and on our Facebook page. But for many assignments we do not spread a call, but search for the right profile in the talent database first.

Filmmakers who collaborate with XtraZ will also search for specific profiles in our talent database themselves. That is why it is important to register and keep your profile up to date.

So increase your chances and register!


Are you a talent and do you live abroad/in a neighboring country (the Netherlands, France, etc ..)?

You are welcome to register, but know that in 99% of the cases we first and foremost contact/book talent living in Belgium.

It is more interesting to check the current calls/projects (mainly through this site & our Facebook page) and to apply with the requested information and pictures.



Before you start your registration, it is useful to have 2 things around:

  1. At least 2 good photos. A close-up of your face and a full body shot. Both in portrait format (vertical).
  2. A tape measure to take your measurements (chest circumference, waist and hip circumference).

Make sure to use good photos: look at the camera and do not put on a hat, cap or sunglasses. Make sure there’s only you in the picture. Producers often select solely on the basis of your photo. It is therefore important that these are good pictures.

Further to your registration you will receive a confirmation email with more information.